Sensory Playgrounds


The sensory panel is an engaging and compact panel which enables multiple activities to stimulate the touch, sight and sound senses. This panel comes with a great selection of activities and keeps children of all abilities engaged and busy. 

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass works as a suitable sensory panel which provides tactile stimulation for children. It helps children to develop their sense of touch as it is very crucial for brain development.


Ropes work to be one of the easiest ways to exercise and are great for developing joint and bone strength. The ropes can be uniquely satisfying stimulation. This activity builds finger, hand and arm strength while relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.

Marbles/golf balls

Sensory marbles or golf balls come in a lot of fun shapes and textures. These balls are soft and stimulating and it works in enhancing gross motor and tactile skills, and encourage crawling, grasping and coordination. Through this children can explore colours, shapes and textures and work towards a lot of development in growth. 


Conker, a traditional game, is played by 2 players, where each side of a conker is threaded onto a piece of string. This improves hand-eye coordination, overall motor skills, fine motor skills, fidget and concentration. 


Sand plays an essential role in sensory activities both educational and fun. It is a great material to play with because it can be moulded into different shapes. Sand is a highly engaging thing that helps them to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.   

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