Sensory Playgrounds


The bridge is the perfect play set for kids of all ages. They will love climbing up, rolling down the ramp and enjoying the bridge underneath. This comes as an assembled kit or in pieces used to suit your needs. 


The Tripod is a 2 metre tall structure that allows children to climb and sit around. It can be incorporated into imaginative play to be a wigwam or a mountain. It’s smooth finish allows for a variety of uses and helps to bring your play space to life.

Monkey bars

Monkey bars help to strengthen children’s muscles mainly in their hands and upper body by allowing your child to hang from the monkey bars. Monkey bars enhance a wide range of fitness levels in children. 

Balance beam

Developing balance is an essential part of development. A balance beam is a core strengthening equipment which helps to have a good balance for the regular activities of the children. 


Swing has the capacity to impact the brain’s ability to process sensory information, which also helps in the early stages of brain development. Swinging can help in strengthening specific sensory experiences a child encounters and it is a great way to engage a child’s vestibular system. 

Basket swings

Basket swings promote coordination and balance, help in muscle strengthening and enhance motor skills. The shape of the basket swing is like a cocoon and it helps your child feel secure. This swing provides sensory pressure all over and creates a fun space to enjoy the movement.


The slide is easy for smaller children to climb and slide on. The slide strengthens gross motor skills while getting in some deep pressure and vestibular input as kids roll down. 

Stepping stones

Stepping stone is known as an active movement game that is used at home or classroom for various therapy sessions. Stepping stones help to improve the balance and spatial awareness skills of children. It is suitable for setting up balance paths for children to follow and encourage motor sensory play at home or school.